First thing first, I would like to say sorry to my friends in american studies if what I’ve done so far below your expectation. It’s totally because of my lacking ability in mixing and matching the ingredients of sentences—words and punctuation perfectly. That’s why I do really need your help in handling this blog by sending me your creative works like all kinds of your writing or photographs through my email in or you can send that directly to me by exchanging data through flashdisk.

Secondly, for the readers, you can also participate in this blog by sending me your info or news related to American Studies or what’s happening around the world. And of course give comment ya……

Anyhow, though this blog mostly will be about us as American Studies Universitas Gajah Mada students, but we will try to provide some valuable info…..

That’s all from me as the admin of this blog……


About amstudugm

Ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.
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3 Responses to RULES OF THE GAME

  1. darizm18 says:



  2. darizm18 says:


  3. kam imam says:

    good idea, hopefully this blog’ll be an solution and sharing information about some topic that increase our understanding about amercan studies

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