by Yudi Suparta on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 6:53am

Today, as the citizen of earth, it is embedded in our mind that democracy is the best political system which has to implementing in every states throughout the world.  We can say that since leaders of the states in both of the hemispheres in this earth say they are democratic country to persuade their people, although in reality it is just a lips synch of those leaders. In an industrial, scientific, a nuclear age instead, lives in democracy have been like living in an acute illusion. In democratic country like every one dreaming of, the real is we live under such a kind of oppression from elite class who force us to admit whatever they have done either it is right or wrong since our mind have been continually poisoned with ideas which allow these people controlling working class like we are.

Borrowing from Veblen terms in his work, Theory of the leisure class published in the end of 19th century. Those people who he called pecuniary class, have been acquiring means of production taught us about how to life in peace without shaking up their behalf in acquiring power. We as the poisoned people could not do anything to block this kind of systematically massacre.

As noted before the pecuniary class as the elite in society have been form a pyramid, with top group exercising power in many sectors of the society; or they may be plural elites that divide power, with separate groups making key decisions about different issues. Elite may be responsive to our demands because there are something hidden agenda behind their actions. Therefore, though democracy is government “by the people” but the survival of democracy rests on the shoulders of elites. This is the irony of democracy; elites or pecuniary must govern wisely if government “by the people” is to survive.

The elites have been in safe place since they are ingraining “an ideology” to the mass through their systematic education. This is not an alien for us because we have been reminded by Karl Marx that those groups who own the means of production thereby control the means of producing and circulating a society’s idea. Yet all aspects of shaping public opinion were under control of them. So weather we are educated people, the awareness upon this issue never comes up to our mind. Likewise a scientist in the early of 20th century, Lacan reading Freud said that our conscious and subconscious have been influenced by the system that have been running within the society. Therefore we have been controlled through ideology in this case what I mean as an ideology is “fair democracy” which meanwhile it is not a fair democracy which we fail to recognize. The truth is obscured by the ideology that was embedded in our mind by elite. So we will never persistently menace the elite, and indeed we will never arrive to the idea of menacing them. But how if there are people lead us against the elite. It is the same thing since in the end they will be the elite and will govern us in the way they want not in the way we want for being governed.

And nowadays, the elite in the world are campaigning democracy throughout the world. In this modern era likewise what have been embedded in our mind that the elite refers to the people who acquire means of production, of course it also refers to the developed country become the elite. The most prominent developed country today is the USA, a country considering himself to be the world leader on everything. Previously, it is noted that the elite have been shaping public opinion because they have more access on the mass media. The US for instance can shape public opinion about his enemy state known as satanic state through the world. However if the satanic state – I mean as satanic state is a state which ruled it’s country in dictatorship – regard become a good state if it serve the behalf of the US itself.

There are so many examples in which the authoritarian state considered as the democratic state because the US recognized it to be his allies serving the US interest. A long term presidency of Suharto in Indonesia was considered as an apple on the US eye. The interest of America which had been preserving by Suharto regime was the reason of this sort of justification. We could see superb America in front of our eyes by watching their companies greedily and thirstily sucking up Indonesian Natural Resources. Were we aware with this kind of voraciousness, we had just been given a piece of shit that from our abundance wealth. This action had been protected by Suharto regime because indirectly they were feed up like an infant with loan. Although there was no democratic government instead of the corrupted regime who had no conscience of arresting, of kidnapping and of indeed killing Indonesian people in the name of democracy which just preserving the status quo, as the warrior of democracy, the US had never taking reaction because that greedy regime had been serving the US interests.

The other example is the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Mubarak was recognized as a good boy by the US since he helped Israel – the blue eyed boy of American in the Middle East – to “secure” their colonization towards Arabian land of Palestine. Mubarak was suspected expunging his people as the way of other dictator in the world. There was no reaction of the US against this kind of despotic action. It just lately in the fall of Mubarak by Egypt people power, the US condemned the authoritative regime whereas in the other hand ordered his people to secure the dictator to a luxurious palace of Red Sea coast.

From the cases above, as the elite in the world, American acted based on compliance of his pseudo democratic dictator son. There is no such a kind of cruelty, despotism or massacre as long as the US interests are in secure. Moreover the grass root people in his upbringing country have systematically been cradled of poverty. They taught loosely accept their destiny from God as unlucky people. Meanwhile the elite in this case the US and their authoritarian dictators enjoy a sort of luxurious life. Yet actually, the US has not been spreading democratic government, but creating and later on preserving such a kind of pseudo democracy which saving the authoritative and despotic regime throughout the world, either by stick or carrot.

To be continue…..


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