by Yudi Suparta on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 6:53am

Today, as the citizen of earth, it is embedded in our mind that democracy is the best political system which has to implementing in every states throughout the world.  We can say that since leaders of the states in both of the hemispheres in this earth say they are democratic country to persuade their people, although in reality it is just a lips synch of those leaders. In an industrial, scientific, a nuclear age instead, lives in democracy have been like living in an acute illusion. In democratic country like every one dreaming of, the real is we live under such a kind of oppression from elite class who force us to admit whatever they have done either it is right or wrong since our mind have been continually poisoned with ideas which allow these people controlling working class like we are.

Borrowing from Veblen terms in his work, Theory of the leisure class published in the end of 19th century. Those people who he called pecuniary class, have been acquiring means of production taught us about how to life in peace without shaking up their behalf in acquiring power. We as the poisoned people could not do anything to block this kind of systematically massacre.

As noted before the pecuniary class as the elite in society have been form a pyramid, with top group exercising power in many sectors of the society; or they may be plural elites that divide power, with separate groups making key decisions about different issues. Elite may be responsive to our demands because there are something hidden agenda behind their actions. Therefore, though democracy is government “by the people” but the survival of democracy rests on the shoulders of elites. This is the irony of democracy; elites or pecuniary must govern wisely if government “by the people” is to survive.

The elites have been in safe place since they are ingraining “an ideology” to the mass through their systematic education. This is not an alien for us because we have been reminded by Karl Marx that those groups who own the means of production thereby control the means of producing and circulating a society’s idea. Yet all aspects of shaping public opinion were under control of them. So weather we are educated people, the awareness upon this issue never comes up to our mind. Likewise a scientist in the early of 20th century, Lacan reading Freud said that our conscious and subconscious have been influenced by the system that have been running within the society. Therefore we have been controlled through ideology in this case what I mean as an ideology is “fair democracy” which meanwhile it is not a fair democracy which we fail to recognize. The truth is obscured by the ideology that was embedded in our mind by elite. So we will never persistently menace the elite, and indeed we will never arrive to the idea of menacing them. But how if there are people lead us against the elite. It is the same thing since in the end they will be the elite and will govern us in the way they want not in the way we want for being governed.

And nowadays, the elite in the world are campaigning democracy throughout the world. In this modern era likewise what have been embedded in our mind that the elite refers to the people who acquire means of production, of course it also refers to the developed country become the elite. The most prominent developed country today is the USA, a country considering himself to be the world leader on everything. Previously, it is noted that the elite have been shaping public opinion because they have more access on the mass media. The US for instance can shape public opinion about his enemy state known as satanic state through the world. However if the satanic state – I mean as satanic state is a state which ruled it’s country in dictatorship – regard become a good state if it serve the behalf of the US itself.

There are so many examples in which the authoritarian state considered as the democratic state because the US recognized it to be his allies serving the US interest. A long term presidency of Suharto in Indonesia was considered as an apple on the US eye. The interest of America which had been preserving by Suharto regime was the reason of this sort of justification. We could see superb America in front of our eyes by watching their companies greedily and thirstily sucking up Indonesian Natural Resources. Were we aware with this kind of voraciousness, we had just been given a piece of shit that from our abundance wealth. This action had been protected by Suharto regime because indirectly they were feed up like an infant with loan. Although there was no democratic government instead of the corrupted regime who had no conscience of arresting, of kidnapping and of indeed killing Indonesian people in the name of democracy which just preserving the status quo, as the warrior of democracy, the US had never taking reaction because that greedy regime had been serving the US interests.

The other example is the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Mubarak was recognized as a good boy by the US since he helped Israel – the blue eyed boy of American in the Middle East – to “secure” their colonization towards Arabian land of Palestine. Mubarak was suspected expunging his people as the way of other dictator in the world. There was no reaction of the US against this kind of despotic action. It just lately in the fall of Mubarak by Egypt people power, the US condemned the authoritative regime whereas in the other hand ordered his people to secure the dictator to a luxurious palace of Red Sea coast.

From the cases above, as the elite in the world, American acted based on compliance of his pseudo democratic dictator son. There is no such a kind of cruelty, despotism or massacre as long as the US interests are in secure. Moreover the grass root people in his upbringing country have systematically been cradled of poverty. They taught loosely accept their destiny from God as unlucky people. Meanwhile the elite in this case the US and their authoritarian dictators enjoy a sort of luxurious life. Yet actually, the US has not been spreading democratic government, but creating and later on preserving such a kind of pseudo democracy which saving the authoritative and despotic regime throughout the world, either by stick or carrot.

To be continued…..

by Yudi Suparta on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 3:45pm

America is the largest and the most number one fighter of democracy in the world. Democracy is deeply ingrained into state of mind of its people. In the common sight in American streets to see civilian protesters that warn their government to take any action toward country considered take another vast with the American foreign policy. The sought of protester about democracy regarded by the American government as the voice of its people in order to secure their behalf in other parts of the world. Action taken in order to control every parts of the world an encouraging democracy to another country especially in third world country are state of expertise of American government. Creating turmoil in a state which he considers as satanic empire because of their different words and ambition with the vast of American policy which of course bring no any benefit for the American people. What is the root of the obsession of American government to persuade every sovereign country in the world to apply democracy in their way of governing?

If there is an icon of democracy, it must be the US with his energetic president standing in a podium addressing his speech to the world strenuously. In the recent turmoil of middle east, the consecutive protest in Egypt and Tunisia that respectively overthrow their president have taken most of the world attention. These put aside of any other recent important event in other parts of the world. The wave of protest sweeping the Middle East indeed influences others part of the world to imitate it at least or indeed adopt it to do the same thing for gaining the better life. May be that is the democracy wanted by the American people – turmoil in every parts of the world so they can still sit in the chair of world control. Yet, every day the white house release its state address either they support the protest and condemn the regime or condemn the protesters aroused by the hated opposition of American government. With his power of media control they suppress other countries; the American can control the opinion of the world to discredit his enemy as the infidel.

This kind of double standard foreign policy in the end creates the American as a lord needed to be served by other regime in terms of persuading the American for avoiding condemnation upon them the as the infidel. This attitude bring the autocratic government rely on the back of American policy become popular in the third world country. Along with this attitude most of the country live in the shadow of American government is governed in mixing of the general election – democratic way – and authoritarianism namely a quasi democratic country.

There are so many cases of the failure of quasi democratic country of which at the end fallen and humiliated by its people. in our country, Indonesia a long regime of Suharto sustained by the American government through soft loan which let the American multinational company thirstily sucking Indonesian natural resources. The loan given to the regime beside is mostly corrupted by the regime and just little piece given to Indonesian people through direct subsidies to hide to Indonesian about their wealthy are robbed by the American Multinational company. Otherwise in other hand military embargo of American upon Indonesian military just a pretending attitude upon his support for the corrupt regime. If they are the warrior of democracy, whether  they consider a manipulated general election in Indonesia as the normal way of democracy and indeed most of American president during the Orde Baru regime proud of success of Indonesian government running a democratic country. However during the multitude of consecutive protest of Indonesian student in 1998, the American precisely condemn the long term of Suharto regime rules Indonesia. Whereas at that time, Indonesia were fighting with the extremist in Papua and East Timor which want to secede from the republic of Indonesia and American government was allegedly charged backing the separatists.

Moreover in the latest event, revolution in the Middle East is also taking most of American energy. The regime of Mubarrak who was the great ally of American in the region was overthrown by Egypt people power. Although at the first of the protest American through its white house spokesman, Robert Gibbs condemned the protest which they charged as the movement of terrorism activity that threatens the peace process in the Middle East. The Muslim brotherhood was charged behind those consecutive protests, whereas in other hand the protest purely come out from the Egyptian conscience. Corruption, large amount of educated jobless people and closely system of government of which the old aristocratic class generation ruled the country with the iron hand had made most of Egyptian live in frustration. In addition as the quasi democratic country, government of Egypt also held general election but followed by just one party, Egypt national democrat party in which Mubarrak clan was on the top leader of this party. Indeed, likewise in Indonesia, more and more again the US government ignored whatever that they should do as the warrior of democracy as they called themselves.

This is a phenomenon recognized by contemporary scientist like Noam Chomsky who continually records the horror created by American democracy campaign in overseas. American expertise in creating the global issues as much as the horror made by the issue they created. In Egypt cases, democracy was continually denied through the shadow of quasi democracy. The Regime of Mubarrak supported by the US in a long time was not appearing as the global issue of the human rights crime. But in most of American media, especially media having close relation with the government, if not wholly wrong is never reporting the corruption and manipulation of the ballots by Mubarrak clan. So it does in Indonesia, Tunisia and every puppet Government created by the US to secure their behalf upon those country.

The horror made by the US through his gift in the third world was not stopped just for maintaining and strengthening the regime who serves the American. If we trace more deeply we will find that what so called tyranny of the majority. This kind of tyranny described by American founding father, James Madison in his Federalist Paper, “tyranny of the majority” is the origin of dangerous oppression. Whereas, Tocqueville warns the tyranny of Majority bears from democracy which is put inside the absolute power of the majority of its people (Zakaria: 2003, 121). The American will ignore every infraction of the human rights by the majority. For instance in Iraq – Iran War during the mid of 1980s, being the resistance of Iran Islamic revolution which ousted the corrupt shah regime, American was exactly supported the Saddam’s massacre upon the minority Shiite inside Iraq considered as the spy of Iran, whereas they did not have any idea about the war. And in last few years, American who claim themselves again as the warrior of human rights have not been taking any severe action toward Ceylon government who applied the military force to exterminate the minority of Tamil. The American government and American Media seems to ignore this sort of genocide while at the same time in the name of human rights American Army kill thousands of civilian in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the most embarrassing of the quasi democratic gifted of the American upon the third world country can be watched in Thailand. Thailand, majority of its people is Buddhist. But there are some Malayan Muslim in the south part of that country. Political suspense in this country has been creating some coup and oppression persisting status quo upon the opposition. But it is not the main concern of this essay. The oppression of Thai military towards Malayan society in the south has been supported by American Government. Indeed the Malayan who want to gain their rights as an independent country like they were in a century ago condemned as a bloody terrorist in the south east part of Asia. It is seldom reported about the violence made by Thai army in American media, but they precisely regarded that dementedly attack upon the Muslim society as act of the hero of democracy. Yet those case presented previously described how the American support quasi democracy which have been bring acute pains for the people in which that kind of democracy have been applied.

In the surface it seems that, the US just wants to lead the world into liberal democracy recognizing human rights and freedom of speech. However, the fact is they give the third world country a model of democracy in which implausible to labor in those countries. Quasi democracy is a way of suicide of the society employing so. Therefore most of us especially people from third world must be aware of this sort of gift from the US. Copying the terms from Reinhold Neibhur terms, the children of light and children of darkness, the light is come not only from the modernization brought from the US but also come from the inside part of any country since we have local values which better to lead us to the development. Because the third world country has been mentally colonized by the US to smooth its global agenda become the one and the only sovereign empire in the world.

Yogyakarta, February 18. 2011


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