Who are we? Well, we are not just a group of people from various cultural and family background with various habits and attitudes but we are more like a family. We’ve been sharing many kinds of beats, from the most upbeats until the slowest. We’ve been sharing many moments and feelings, like tiresome, boredom, sadness, anger, but mostly we share joy of course. When we are together, there’s always happiness, laughter, and love. That’s who we are, but since there’s nothing general or the same in this world, this page provides the profile of each of us. Just wait and of course, read.

Here we are:

Name          :  Ahmad Burhan

Hometown :  Pemalang

Hobbies      :  sleeping, daydreaming

Dreams       :  be rich and happy

Idol              :  Superman

(YM:  burhanjogja Blog:


Name           : Yoga Sudarisman

Hometown  : Garut

Hobbies       : sleeping, listening Music…skarang kadang suka    mbaca. (dipaksa tp)

Dreams        : berguna bagi kluarga, agama dan bangsa.

Idols              : Aa Game, Stephen Chow, Rhoma Irama

YM                 : dsudarizm


Name             : Actinis Muqsitha Paradista

Hometown     : Surabaya

Hobbies          : makaaaan .. travelling, reading some books, tune on iTunes =D

Dreams           : a successful writer yg tidak berakhir dg bunuh diri. *Amen*

Idols                : Black Eyed Peas, SHINee, 2NE1 =D

YM                  :

blog                 : (mampir” yaaa)


Name             : Nestiani Hutami (Ines)

Hometown    : Surabaya

Hobbies         : leyeh2, nonton Running Man ^o^ … SeumDwa!!

Dreams          : jadi orang hebat trus menginspirasi orang-orang di sekitar

Idols               : Song Joong Ki, Westlife, Walt Disney, Celine Dion

(YM               :


Name         : Rezky Khoirina Tarihoran (Qiqi)

Hometown : Medan, North Sumatra

Hobbies      : sleeping – eating – contemplating

Dreams       : to be a respected person

Idols            : Prophet Mohammed, Britney Spears, Choi Siwon

YM               :

Skype           : rezky.khoirina.tarihoran

Twitter         : @rezkho

Blog               :


Name           : Achwan Sapar

Hometown  : Lombok

Hobbies       : sleeping – watching – backpacking

Dreams        : mati husnul khatimah

Idols             : kebanyakan buat disebut

email             :

YM                : theforgotten_man


Name            : Aji Putranto

Sex                : 3x sehari

Hometown   : Salatiga

Hobbies        : Collecting ideas, football, music

Dreams         : build my own small house with karaoke room, pool, billiard room, and mini bar

Idols               : John Rzesnik, Lionel Messi, Eross Chandra

email               :

YM                  : sharky_mars


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